More benefits to purchasing our superior Keymaster:
PCAS We feature a PCAS (Prize Counter Attendant Sensor) at no extra cost for maximizing player interest and maximum play.  PCAS helps the Home Office and the operator to hone in on the most played prizes through our audited PCAS delivery system.   This electronic feature in turns allows our operators to keep the most played prizes in the USA in our Keymaster stations.  The PCAS feature serves to keep our players interest peaked, have the most memorable player experience and play our locations over any other in your city.   Having the most current, most appealing, prize worthy keymaster on the market today delivers proven higher revenue streams!!!  Not only does PCAS make sense but it makes more money than any other Machine out there!!!
Bill Acceptor  ($350.00 value) As all experienced operators know...  Built in bill acceptors increase play by over 40%.  Let's maximize our strategic keymaster locations by being smart operators!  After all... more revenue increases our store owners and your bottom line. 
AIIS We also feature our (Advanced Inventory Imaging System) which saves our operators hundreds and thousands of dollars in inventory and delivers our keymaster customers a superior prize redemption experience.