Welcome to another edition of Newsbytes, a compilation of quick (or last minute) stories that I’ve curated for the weekend.

Wahlap At AAA2019

Chinese game manufacturer Wahlap has been busy as of late, and they were all smiles at the recent Asia Amusement & Attractions 2019 Expo.

Welcome friends, to another edition of Newsbytes. This collection of quick arcade-related news items should tide you over until the next story of the week. We’ve had an interesting week of stories at that, starting with a new light-gun game, then the release of Centipede Chaos and the sighting of a new Frogger arcade game.

(Thanks to the anonymous tipster who sent this in!)

It’s time for another new game to talk about, although all we have to go on is one photo. That hasn’t stopped us before, as there is enough to glean from what is shown.

I’ve posted more than a few videos about the reboot of Atari’s Centipede, Centipede Chaos, by Play Mechanix & ICE, but now it’s time for ICE to show off their own sales trailer as the game beings shipping out into the world.

Welcome to another edition of Newsbytes. here, I collect some quick news items from the week to share with you, as a way to pad the weekend with a variety of items.

Continuing in our previews of upcoming arcade titles thanks to the development of the Exa-Arcadia multi-game platform, let’s shift focus to one of the many shoot ’em ups that will be gracing the system.

We first heard about Nerf Arcade back in March, then had a chance to play the game later that month during Amusement Expo in Las Vegas. If you missed out on the news, the game is a shooting gallery-style game, with the Nerf license providing for the types of guns that you use.

Today marks 59 years since the gaming company first known as Service Games – later SEGA – opened their doors and began providing gaming entertainment to the world. To mark the event, the official Sega Japan and many of Sega’s arcade location Twitter accounts have been busy celebrating.

We haven’t heard much about the upcoming reboot to the classic Atari franchise Centipede since March, so it’s time to correct that as we say goodbye to May.