We’ve had a couple of stories in the past week about a new model for Sega’s Daytona Championship USA, and while this is another one, this one has better media along with some official details thanks to a press release that the company has issued.

(Thanks to Jdevy for the tip)

Last week, I ran a story on the pending arrival of a new “Super Deluxe (SDLX)” model for Sega Amusements’ Daytona Championship USA. Today, we have a look at it thanks to the Chicago Eater, a blog that covers restaurants in the Chicago area.

Welcome to another weekend, and with that, another newsbytes. Here are the few things I’ve curated for you to watch or muse over:

Bay Tek Introduces The Skee-Ball Carnival

If you’ve been to a carnival or theme park midway, chances are that they have a bank of alley bowling games, particularly of the Skee-Ball brand.

We recently heard about a new game that was on it’s way to Dave & Busters arcade locations around the country, a 1v1 fighting game with a big license by the name of Marvel: Contest of Champions.

While scouring the web for new arcade location news, I came across a very interesting line in this article at the Chicago Eater regarding the opening of a new FEC in the Chicago area by the name of Lucky Strike Social.

Well today is a busy Saturday, mainly because we had the new locations post this morning and now we have some newsbytes to get to.

Kraut Buster Unboxing

Arcade Belgium got their hands on the new Kraut Buster MVS arcade kit, and posted an unboxing about it on YouTube.

In recent times, Dave & Busters has been at the forefront of introducing new games to the industry. They tend to do so at the beginning of the year; last year was when we saw Tomb Raider Arcade land in Dave & Busters around this same time, and we’ve covered the many other instances of D&B launching a title as a timed exclusive.

While this was mentioned on the blog the other day, press releases tend to give us another reason to discuss new game releases in more detail. The 20th anniversary edition of Andamiro’s seminal dancing game Pump It Up is now available worldwide for arcade locations to add to their venues.

Way back in 2013, I wrote up a couple of articles that detailed the history of unreleased arcade games that were in the works at one time by Midway. Similar posts had been created for Atari and Taito, so Midway was just as deserving of that attention.