[Thanks to Jdevy for the tip] NOTE That this page has been updated with additional information since it was first posted this morning.

Well news sure slowed down this week, although by a few things accumulating here and there (news items I’m trying to get more information on) might mean we’ll have a busy weekend.

It’s been quiet on the site over this last week, but that was because I took a well-needed vacation down to Moab, UT. It was quite an adventure that’s pretty much in the backyard of where I live, although I had not been to the specific area despite being from Utah.

It’s time to get everyone up to speed on the latest arcade & amusement locations to have opened their doors out there. If you are involved with a location that opened recently or is opening very soon (in the next few weeks), then please let us know so that we can include the facility in our next locations post!

Hello humble readers of the arcade world, and welcome to another exciting summer edition of Newsbytes. This is the last for July…yep, it’s already over. As we head into the winding down part of the year, game news should certainly pick up as IAAPA 2019 approaches.

[Thanks to Jdevy for the tip]

Well, it seems the news this season is all about the new game tests. I’ll throw out the reminder once again that what’s shown here may not release or may change significantly when it does.

Back in 2016, Sega pulled an unexpected move and brought their Mario & Sonic collaboration to arcades. Sporting one of the longest titles in the biz, Mario & Sonic At The Rio 2016 Olympic Games Arcade (hereto referred as MAS2016), the game also didn’t just stick to Japan as it saw a Western release too.

Rumors don’t seem to stay quiet for long in the pinball world, and the chatter has been heavily hinting at/implying that Stern’s next table would be Jurassic Park. Today, that is confirmed to be the case, thanks to a series of posts found over at the Pinside forums.

It’s no secret that a large portion of the buyers for pinball machines are home owners & collectors. I’ve heard different numbers thrown around as to what the percentage is, but I’m sure it varies from machine to machine.

DISCLAIMER: The following product may change drastically from what you see below OR it may not be released at all. It is a prototype product going through testing and is subject to change or cancellation without any notice.

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Hello fellow Heroes, I trust that you had a good week. Here’s another collection of quick arcade news items, although before starting with the headlines, Atari Games’ Area 51 has been enjoying a bit of attention this week thanks to the wacky plan of some people to “storm” the infamous military base in Nevada.