(Post cover photo via Atlas Obscura; also thanks to everyone who send the news about Anata No Warehouse in)

It has been a little while since our last Location Watch post, either due to a slowdown in said news, or it’s me missing out on such headlines.

Welcome to the latest edition of Newsbytes, a quick collection of arcade-related news items. Let’s get to it!

The 2019 Big Buck World Championships In Las Vegas

It’s time for Big Buck players to challenge each other for the top spot (and a nice pocket full of cash) as one of the few “eSports” style games in this business kicked off their World Championships event in Las Vegas last night.

Back in February 2018, we broke a story about a new conversion kit system that was in development for arcades by the name of Exa-Arcadia. Since that news dropped, we’ve been keeping a very close eye on the progress of the platform, which was aiming at revitalizing the arcade market by using an old, but proven idea with modern enhancements.

Stern Announces Star Wars Comic Art Edition Pinball Machines

Yesterday, Stern caused a disturbance in the Force by announcing a new edition of the Star Wars pinball design that they released back in 2017.

Welcome to October, a month that means we can probably expect to see more previews of new arcade games before IAAPA lands in November. Since big stuff tends to get a lot of the attention, I wanted to shine a light on more of the indie arcade games that are out there.

Sorry about the slow week again…I do have a big update on an indie game that we covered recently, but am waiting for one last piece of important info before going to wire on that one.

Not too long ago, we unveiled a new arcade title coming to the market from an independent developer known as Coin Crew Games. Founded by Wyatt Bushnell (son of Nolan Bushnell) and Mike Salyh, the company has been providing concepts to the micro theme park known as Two Bit Circus, while looking to provide some innovative concepts to the wider arcade industry.

Last year, UNIS gave us one of the bigger surprises in video gaming with a return to arcade soccer/football. Fantasy Soccer was first shown at IAAPA 2018 and was released for arcades to grab this past March.

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It’s been weeks in the making, but after hours and hours of recording, editing and splicing video clips, gifs and photos together, it’s time to talk about: graphics.

Why talk about graphics? Well, without them, we don’t have any “video” in our “video games.